A Soliloquy on Sedna

by Marguerite Hafeman ©2004

Surely you have heard about her by now, she who is termed a Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) close in size to Pluto, slow in movement and blood-red in color. Her lonely perihelion runs no closer to the Sun than twice Pluto's maximum distance; the furthest point of her orbit lies out nearly 20 times that distance. Once upon a time, something big disrupted her orbital path, so she travels in a comet-like pattern yet does not reach the comet home ground of the Oort cloud. She exists outside the orbits of other KBOs, a starboard outcast from the society of her own kind cast into the frigid outer darkness against her will; 10,500 years must pass for her to circle the Sun once. She has been christened with the name and myth of Sedna, a troubled creation spirit and queen of the deep ocean underworld, originating from the Arctic realm of the Inuit people. Sedna was discovered and named by Mike Brown, Chad Trujillo and David Rabinowitz at Palomar Observatory, on November 14, 2003. An ephemeris for her current position is available free from Astrodienst on the Internet.

Sedna was a vain girl who spent all her time admiring herself and combing her long hair, while rejecting all suitors who came seeking her hand in marriage. She was eventually made a wife through the deceit of a shape-shifting demon spirit from the nether-world. When she learned of the deceit she demanded that her father come in his kayak to rescue her. As the two were escaping the sea rose up in anger, stirred up by the demon husband. The father dumped his daughter overboard to appease the spirits, hacking off her fingers that clutched at the sides of the boat. The severed stumps became the various mammal species of the sea. Sedna sank down to lurk in the darkest caves of the deep ocean. When she is angry she stirs the waters into a tempest; there is famine in the tribes because there can be no hunting. Shamans must make the descent in a trance every now and then to comb out her hair, attend to the vanities she can no longer perform. Sedna is not worshipped by the Inuit, she is feared.

Sedna represents the products of creativity withheld, sometimes after betrayal or abandonment by the father (Saturn-Moon in Cancer)or from abuse by entanglement with money, power and sex (Pluto in the fifth in square to Jupiter in the second house). She may indulge in temperamental passive aggression and the potential for self-sabotage through naivete, vanity or spiteful actions (South Node-Sun-Mercury-Venus in the fourth house of individuation and unconscious behaviors). She can be shallow and limited in perception, duped by a glamorous illusion into giving away the best of herself (Venus-Part of Fortune-Pluto in Sagittarius). Her creativity is delivered only by violence and dismemberment (Mars in the eighth house opposed to Jupiter); in the end she may be left with no way to fend for herself (Uranus in the seventh house).

Sedna is strongly represented in my own natal chart, and I have often felt her breathing down my neck. She conjuncts my natal Mercury in the twelfth house within 1°, the two planets forming the tip of a kite aspect pattern that encompasses much of my own creative drive and expression. True to the tenets of the myth, the ability to communicate creativity in material form was put into motion only with great difficulty, at other times denied by circumstances that appeared to be beyond personal control. Communications and artistic visions tended to be forcibly ejected from the basement of psyche in sporadic degrees, then slowly and cyclically refined upon the larger stage of life. As time has gone by platforms of presentation were located and used with some success; some efforts have reached a larger collective audience, but all are of the alternative kind; much service has been done for others who are living in bondage, literally or figuratively.

Perhaps where Sedna is in your own natal chart, is where the best of your own potential can be held back, kept from the light of day. The reasons may always sound good; not enough time, patience, equipment, money- They don't understand me, karmic doom rules, health is fragile, modesty prevents, self-medication prevails, etc. But in back of it all can lurk a stubborn reluctance to meet the world on its terms, to petulantly refuse to step up to the plate and meet the challenge of uniting personal inspiration within some concrete form of presentation (book, painting, career change, web site, diet, dismantling a compulsion or obsession,) that the general public or even just a few friends can appreciate. Fortunately, the creative progeny of deep inner quickening can still be brought forth into material bounty; the shaman within must be able make the descent to calm and beautify those neglected parts of the raging soul. But beware the shape-shifting demon that can betray the most heart-felt efforts to grow towards wholeness, for that is the ego.

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