Interested in Taking a Class?

A series of six weekly classes in Beginning Astrology is available at:
The Colorado Free University
7653 East 1st Place
Denver, Colorado 80230-6804

(The Lowry community area off of 6th Avenue and Quebec in central Denver.)

  • The next series will run from January 8 - February 12, 2014 on six consecutive Wednesday evenings.
  • Each class is 2.5 hours in length, from 6:30 - 9:00 pm.
  • Tuition is paid directly to the Colorado Free University; cost will be $130 for all six classes, 119$ for CFU members, plus a 10$ materials charge.
  • Curriculum will generally follow NCGR (National Counsel for Geocosmic Research) guidelines. An option for additional workshops geared for taking the Level I exam for NCGR certification can be offered by the instructor.
  • To register for the Beginning Astrology classes:

  • Visit the Colorado Free University website to register directly for the class at:

  • Or call Colorado Free University during business hours: (303)399-0093 ext. 0

    For more information about the classes please contact me via e-mail at:
    or call:  (303)589-6290.

  • Instructor Qualifications:
    -Level IV NCGR Certified Professional Astroologer; BS and MS degree in Horticulture.
    -Published writer for Dell Horoscope magaziine and Mountain Astrologer Magazine.
    -25 years experience of public service as aan astrologer.

-Advanced astrology classes are also available by appointment; please Click Here to review a list of options.

Topics covered will include:

Session I:   Getting Started.
-Accessing free or inexpensive resources so students can calculate and print out their own charts.
-The origins of astrology.
-The basic horoscope chart; delineation of the basic layout and house systems.
-Definitions for the houses.
-Work with a celebrity chart.

Session II:    The Zodiac Signs and the Sun
-Brief delineations for each sign and the SSun in these signs.
-Modalities and elemental designations.
> -How each zodiac sign influences the mode oof action applied to the affairs of each house and how the individual deals with the conditions described therein.
-Using derivation to find out about other ppeople or situations in the natal chart.
-Work with a celebrity chart.

Session III: Introduction to the Planets, Part I
-Personal planets, social indicators and trranspersonal planets.
-Range of characteristics and keywords for each planet.
-How the zodiac sign of planetary placementt influences natal planetary expression.
-Work with a celebrity chart.

Session IV:   The Planets Part II
-Patterns of temperament.
-Special planetary placements.
-Important calculated points of interest foor interpretation; the Angles, Midpoints, Part of Fortune, Vertex, Black Moon.
-Work with a celebrity chart.

Session V:    Planetary Aspects
-Planetary aspects simple and complex.
> -Symbology of the aspects.
-Work with a celebrity chart.

Session VI:     The Moon's Nodes: Status Quo and Karma.
-What the Nodes are in space and what they represent by house and sign.
-Planets in aspect to the Nodes.
-Work with a celebrity chart.