If interested in a reading, please be prepared to provide birth dates, times and places (nearest city and state or country)for any person or event of interest involved in the reading. If the birth time is unknown, a natal chart timed for noon can be used. A likely time of birth can also be rectified for an additional fee, by working with important timed events in your life.

I also enjoy doing parties in the Denver, Colorado Front Range area; I can offer either an astrology reading or a tarot reading, either of which generally lasts between 20 minutes and a half hour, depending on the occasion. The basic party rate is $75 per hour, two hours minimum plus $20.00 for driving expense. For three hours or more there is no driving charge.

Please contact me for questions or to arrange an appointment:

Via e-mail at: ceylon101@mysticmarguerite.com

By phone: 303-589-6290

One and a Half Hour Reading in person for the Denver, Colorado area
(For in-depth work and complex questions):    $110

One Hour Reading In Person for the Denver, Colorado area:     $75

The client can bring their own recorder; or a custom CD of the reading
can be provided for an additional $10. All Payments are made at the time of the reading.

One and a half hour Reading by Phone
(For in-depth work or complex questions):    $110

One hour Reading by Phone:    $75

  • CD or MP3 Recording of Phone Reading:    $10
    (Includes chart copies and handling; mailed versions include additional astro-guide pages)

  • Please be ready note your time zone when making a request for a reading by phone or by e-mail; my time zone is Mountain Standard or Daylight Time, depending on the time of year.

  • Please provide a contact phone number when making your appointment. I will call you at the time of the reading.

  • Printable versions of charts used for phone readings can be sent
    to the client via e-mail for free by request.
  • Astrology Reading by Phone


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