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Marguerite's 2015 Sun Sign Predictions
Will Be Here Next Month

  • December 5-6: Full Moon of climaxes at 14° 17'. "A woman holding a bundle of faggots, her hair loose and disordered by the wind. She wanders in search of something." A versatile character and eccentric nature who is disposed to undertake more things then he or she is able to complete, and who will either be brilliant due to wide learning, or impotent through much vexation and trouble. A degree of CONFUSION.*

  • December 21: Winter Solistice occurs at 10:45 pm UT, wherein the time of daylight will begin to lengthen, in a new cycle of increase until Summer Solstice.
    Tula nan Tri
    "The sacred Three;
    To save, to shield, to surround;
    The hearth, the house, the household;
    This eve, this night, Oh! this eve;
    This night and every night, each single night.

  • December 21-22:: New Moon of beginnings shines at 00° 06'. "A boy and girl standing with arms entwined." A mind given to duplicity, or at least to dissimulation and diplomacy. The use of considerable finesse and adaptability will enable the gaining of some distinction and even a position of honor, for example becoming an ambassador or consul or otherwise serve as a connecting link between two peoples or nations. Others will follow more than one occupation at the same time and will in general show considerable versatility. A degree of ALTERNATION.*

    *Modified from Sepharial's The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.

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