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2016 Sun Sign Predictions

    Key Transits for the Month of October 2016 (UT)

  • September 30-October 1, 2016: A New Moon of beginnings shines at 08°15'. The Moon and Sun are moving to a quincunx with Neptune, which can distort the actual reality of what is going on. Otherwise, this lunation favors proactive efforts devoted to work and health matters, with an emphasis on benefit through collaberation with others having similar interests or beliefs. Capricorn Mars applying to Libra Jupiter brings much enthusiasm to bear on the practical management of joint financial affairs; or fanatics can be out planning another forey into violent disruption. Uranus-Eris in quincunx to Mercury in Virgo can make the mind restless and impulsive, while speech is rushed and garbled. Saturn in Sagitarrius squares the nodes at the time of lunation, suggesting that social and governmental authority is trying to keep the lid on certain volatile situations through appealing to rituals of regularity. Personally, someone can withhold the cash or approval in hopes of keeping control.

  • October 5, 2016:: Mars squares Jupiter at 05° - 41'. Jupiter has just recently moved into Libra, where the generous, expansive and collaberative side of the Jovian spirit can express much more directly. With Mars in Capricorn we can channel assertive drive into prudent management of our affairs and developing an interest in leadership. Negatively, the square encourages mercenary behavior in the name of whatever is held sacred, be it stocks or saints; positively, we can get alot done at work and in play.

  • Full Moon October 16-17, 2016: A Full Moon of climaxes shines at 23°14'. The lunation is conjunct Uranus and Eris at 22-23°, which is an extremely hot and disruptive influence. Mercury, ruler of all things communicative and commercial is applying to a conjunction with the Sun at the same time, which way turns up the volume on extreme speech and fuels overheated notions of fairness and justice. In the US, the whole opposition lights up parental and family business, or leadership versus the people; which is further complicated by Mars moving to meet Pluto in Capricorn and both planets squaring the opposition. This t-square in cardinal signs wants changes and/or control now, not tomorrow; the signature is quite ruthless, on-point determined and not at all inclined to meet negotiations half-way. Health issues and the need to deal with them using radical means is highlighted, as is power-plays by co-workers and unexpected changes in direction from top leadership.

  • October 24, 2016:: Mercury ruler of communication and commerce enters Scorpio. Mercury in this sign favors research and going deep to get to the root of any matter. It can also turn the mind towards paranoia, intrigue, grudge-holding and plots for revenge. It becomes easier to with hold information and keep one's opinions to oneself, only to dip them in vitrol and drop them like dragon's teeth later. Speech in general becomes more terse and to the point; deep healing alchemy on sexual and power problems can be done with attendant intense focus on building new patterns of choice and attraction.

  • October 29-30, 2016:: Mars squares Uranus retrograde and then Eris retrograde at 21-22° - 56'. On the same days Venus will meet with Saturn at 14°10. The latter cosmic signature can associate with conservative alliences and the firming up of solid contracts, while the Mars-Uranus aspect can be quite dictatorial in asserting terms. Romantically, trysts with someone older or of another culture are favored, but don't expect dates or commitments to work out as planned. The two aspect patterns en toto can signal a complete loss of trust and a total lack of loyalty, therefore upsetting the gameboard and starting the action over at square one. This signature is excellent for enjoying quite a venturesome Halloween season; we may be prone to meeting with spooks and surprises whether out in the jungles or at home with a cup of tea.

    The Lunations of October

  • September 30-October 1, 2016: New Moon of Beginnings at 8° 15'. "A man standing atop a high mountain; on one side a perpendicular rock. He is standing near this precipice with a red flag in his hand, which he is waving by way of signalling a promiscuous crowd, who rush on horseback at a gallop towards the rock." A spirit endowed with great powers of discernment and much forethought. One will be able to detect a fault where another would see nothing wrong. An excellent critic who may become a proficient analyst. A degree of POLITICS.*

  • October 15-16, 2016: A Full Moon of Climaxes at 23°14'. "A man playing with coloured balls, an immodest woman standing beind him." A playful but careless nature, given over to pleasures and unprofitable pursuits. One who will be crossed in life by the opposite sex and meet with troubles thereby. One with very little force of character or worthy ambition. A degree of FOOLISHNESS.*

  • October 30-31, 2016: A Full Moon of Climaxes at 07°43'. An archer shooting his arrows towards a flight of birds. A restless, flighty and indeterminate spirit; effecting operations without design, using forces at hazard and frequently engaging in strife upon small occasion. The social life will be disposed to be dissolute and disrespectful of convention; one can become involved in more love affairs than one will be able to manage successfully. Intensity, enthusiasm and nonchalance are the chief features of character. A degree of INCONSEQUENCE.*

    *Modified from Sepharial's The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.

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