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August 14, 2016

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2016 Sun Sign Predictions

    Key Transits for the Month of August 2016 (UT)

    August begins with Mars, ruler of action, assertiveness and aggression moving into the sign of Sagittarius, wherein the mood can go somewhat lighter and fleeter in tone. The last few months have been hard on many, while Mars lingered in the later degrees of Scorpio dredging up the more primal drives and deeper issues. Mars and Saturn hovering close by one another in the heavens since late April has tested limits in endurance and discipline, honed any buried anger, bolstered habits of abuse, fostered atrocity on the world stage and dragged on chronic health issues rooted in inflammation or bone. As the energy travels in fire, with Sun and New Moon in Leo, Mars-Saturn in sagittal and Eris-Uranus in Aries, the urge to go overboard, to amp up in speed or expound in zealousness will be on the rise.

    The stirring cauldron will reach a peak from about the 19th through the 26th of August, with the 22nd as the apex of eruption when Mars makes its final conjunction to Saturn, just as the karmic taskmaster is stationing direct. Positively, whatever has been researched, worked on, tediously rebuilt or resolved through careful effort in the previous months will be able to come to fruition; negatively we could bear witness to another wholesale atrocity by the unhinged or fanatic, or brutal suppression of rights under the banner of political necessity. Otherwise, aggression can be easily encountered in some form or visited upon others, as will be excess with food, drink, drugs or other vices, or getting into scrapes due to impulse, unleashed anger, impatience or long-term stress. Keeping one's head in the midst of chaos and temptation is recommended, as is finding a quiet place in which to sustain.

  • August 2, 2016: A New Moon of beginnings shines at 10°57'. The Moon and Sun are moving to a quincunx with Neptune and away from a trine to Saturn. Solid sensibility and grounded attention to detail is available from planets moving in earth signs, but the overall thrust of the earthly plane is towards risk, adventure, indulge and rebellion. Much is happening behind closed doors, in the vein of power plays with big money and secret deal-making on the collective level. Closer to home be wary of suppressed anger, frustration or confusion working on a slow boil that may well erupt on towards mid-month.

  • August 2, 2016:: Venus moves into Virgo, the sign of her Fall a few hours after the lunation. The ruler of love, desire, creativity and values in this sign will encourage better discrimination along with focused attention to details, health and hygiene, however the attitude can easily descend into nit-picking and critical nagging. We may keep raising the bar on standards of purity or perfection, which is not a fair way to play.

  • August 13, 2016::: Saturn stations direct at 9° Sagittarius, after being in retrograde motion since March 25th. Decisions and projects that had been deferred will now be set into motion; duty and responsibility will generally increase in scope. Disillusion and procrastination can crystalize into fresh resolve, better boundaries or a new spiritual path to follow. The more conservative amongst us may once again fall back on traditional rules, regs and dogmas but the cardinal energy coming in autumn will start to shatter those shells.

  • August 17-18, 2016: A Full Moon of climaxes shines at 25°51'. The emphasis is on trying to reconcile differences in values and philosophy between ourselves and important others in our life, especially where joint resources and home activities are concerned. The underlying issues include owning up-or not- to projecting a compulsive need for control onto others; or demanding exclusivity because there is surely not enough love or money to go around. Or noticing as a parent, what you get back if not respecting family members enough to let them make their own mistakes and take responsibility for their own means of survival. Collectively, the same energy is playing out in the US as a political contest between two corrupt candidates who make empty promises, while a rising tide of violence erupts out of the masses. Globally, the imbalance between haves and have-nots is coming to that critical mass that nourishes civil disorder and feeds social and environmental breakdown. The privileged are not about to give up whatever assets and privileges they have accrued; those with nothing to lose are becoming too numerous to contain.

  • August 19-26, 2016:: Frankly a challenging, exhilarating time when anything can happen. Mars (action, passion) will move in disruptive aspect to Uranus (breakdown) and Neptune (illusion), while meeting up with Saturn (karma, reality, fear, authority). Mercury (mind) is riled up by Uranus (creative chaos) while meeting up with Jupiter - which will expand and exaggerate the proceedings, make everything in experience larger than life. Try to maneuver to the sidelines, however it will be hard to avoid getting sucked in by some aspect of turbulence or mayhem. Positively, its a great time to nail the deal, master a tough situation, kick out the lousy lover, win the sporting race or otherwise clean house on whatever hasn't been dealt with definitively before.

  • August 30, 2016:: Mercury will station retrograde at 29° Virgo 04', just after meeting with Venus. The ruler of mind, teaching, learning and commerce will next station direct on September 22nd at 14°Virgo 49'. We will get a much needed pause to re-visit, research, re-boot or re-build after the exciting, hectic and taxing events of the past few months. However the last degrees of Virgo are not the easiest; archetypally they can be associated with frustrated effort or sorrow. If one has been subject to mental or emotional confusion or prone to depression, healing can be had through human touch, diet and attention to hygiene. Take these few weeks of cosmic calm to replenish the body and revive the soul, catch up on loose ends and organize spaces, as the rest of the year will move at a very fast, potentially taxing pace.

    The Lunations of August

  • Aug 2, 2016: New Moon of Beginnings at 10° 57'. "A man and woman are seated at a table, whereon viands and wine are lavishly abundant." A very sensuous spirit, addicted to extravagant habits and apt to be easily lead into dissolute ways by ill-chosen companions. There is very little firmness or strength, though the mood is genial, kind and sociable. The instinctual sense, however, is stronger than the moral sense and therein lies danger of self-debasement and loss of virtue. A degree of SELF-INDULGANCE.*

  • August 17-18, 2016: A Full Moon of Climaxes at 25°51'. "A man walking blindfold towards the opening of a deep pit." Thoughts and projects are liable to become chaotic and confused, so that one may be said to be walking in the dark and to that extent may be led into grave dangers. From ignorance or from want of alertness and responsiveness to the surroundings one may come by hurt to himself. Save by the helping and directing hand of some wise friend or the overarching love of Heaven, one cannot escape some form of downfall and ruin. The higher the position the greater the danger of falling. Therefore, walk warily and in humility in the simple ways of life and do not aspire to tread paths which are unfamiliar and full of pitfalls for the unwary. A degree of BLINDING.*

    *Modified from Sepharial's The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.

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