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2019 Sun Sign Predictions

    Key Transits for the First Quarter of 2019

    The year of 2019 started out with a bang, as Mars, ruler of passion, ambition and drive entered Aries, sign of individual initiative and the martial arts on the first day of January, followed by a formidable slowing, obstructing and dampening affect brought on by two eclipses. The first was a partial solar eclipse at 15 ° Capricorn 25'on January 6, 2019, followed by a very potent super blood moon total lunar eclipse on January 20, 2019 at 0°Leo 51'. This combination had the official flavor of looking into new groups of association if the usual ones didn't suffice, however the energy felt more like hitting a huge gravity well, within which hindrance ruled; it could be literal as coming down with a cold and flu accompanied by intense inflammation (Mars in Aries), or in reference to the current federal government shutdown due to an impasse between president and House of Representatives; or still dealing with fallout from bad business decisions made sometime the year before. Or dealing with the necessity of prepping for taxes or choosing to exit from the physical plane altogether due to bogging down in a reputation scandal, or just feeling too much existential helplessness.

    Uranus the harbinger of disruptive change stationed direct on January 6, but the customary jolt played like a step backwards into a sort of funky reverie; as activity in regular life ran into delays, breakdowns and gratitude irritation due to Uranus girding up to travel yet again over the extremely irritating late degrees of Aries were the coals of the past were raked over, again. The state of mind tended to retreat into the glamour of escapism just to ignore the sand-papering one could encounter by sticking around the real world. Take notes as many of the same transits that flavored the beginning of 2019 will repeat in 2020 in slightly different time slots and additionally accompanied by the Saturn-Pluto conjunction exact on January 12, 2020, so we are in for a treat.

    February 3, 2019:: Venus ruler of beauty, attraction and financial acumen enters where she puts on a business suit and becomes much more discriminating about the choice of close associates. Venus in Cap is interested in status, quality and prestige; she forms associations and chooses partners who will support a steady climb upwards into social respectability. She can be a user, but really it's just being sensible and practical; why waste time on losers? Venus traveling in this sign is good for crafting business budgeting and refining strategies for the months ahead; take stock of position and stratagems about how to meet the best connections for an upwardly mobile movement in society. This is not a favorable time to date the oddball who doesn't have a regular job, but it is a good time to shore up conservative alliances whose best interests include your interests.

    February 4-13, 2019:: Mars will first meet with Eris, the ruler of discord and creative chaos at 23°02'and then move on to meet with Uranus at 29°11'. Expect a hot and bothered atmosphere out there, prone to impulsive pot-shotting, more rioting and general social unrest. Take care to drive carefully as road rage and poorly thought through lane changes can disrupt more than usual. Mercury ruler of thought, speech and commerce will enter Pisces on February 10, which will support a tendency to foggy mentation and contact with other dimensions, if not getting lost in dreams or prone to wishful thinking. Not the best time to expect exact declarations of truth from the media or anyone else,or rather the truth becomes more relative than ever.

    February 14, 2019:: Mars ruler of action and anger will enter the earth sign of Taurus, which has a grounding and stabilizing effect on the good side, but can encourage stubborn reticence, close-minded pride and over-preoccupation with materialism otherwise. Chiron the wounded healer will move to Aries on February 18, where the focus of enlightenment will shift to right deployment and timing in action or not. While Chiron is in Aries it bodes well to examine motivation and modus operandi, hone the skill of listening and studying the terrain of engagement before moving into battle. Strictly as a wounding exercise, Chiron in this sign brings on challenges in ethics and knowing when to start and stop, or difficulties in being able to discern what is the right path for prudent deployment of energy and resource and when to take it.

    February 18-23, 2019:: Venus will meet up first with Saturn at 16°46'and then move on to meet Pluto at 22°17'. This group of transits will highlight the potential for firming up good contracts or forming conservative but constructive partnerships; on the back-end issues with sex, money, power and control will come up, but that is what turns the world anyway. Maybe we will see a new royal coupling somewhere in the world, or some heiress marrying her dream billionaire. Or Mr. Amazon firming up the details of his divorce.

    March 1, 2019:: Venus as goddess of love and desire moves into the sign of Aquarius, which signals a sharp change in direction from the more stuffy and traditional mood of Capricorn. Venus as an Aquari turns a little quirky; she will want her freedom and may need to experiment in romance and lifestyle. She is a cool customer but delights in those who exhibit intelligence and show talent in the conduct of community relations. She can feel sorry for herself as an outsider or indulge in being overly eccentric, but usually can be counted on to use a computer with skill, make the donation to the animal shelter or see the point in eating kale for breakfast.

    March 5, 2019:: Mercury the ruler of all things communicational and commerce-connected goes retrograde at 29°38'; it will resume direct motion on March 28 at 16°05'. Mercury retro in the sign of the Fish connects us more than usual with the voice of the collective, also elements mystical, artistic or spiritual; or it can enhance the ability to delusional thinking and victimisation should we be so inclined. This retrograde is in full swing during the spring Equinox when it is close to Neptune also in Pisces, which does not make an easy signature for being consciously in command or completely capable of making coolly rational decisions. As with any Merc retro, it's not the best time to travel, make major purchases or commit to anything at the days around the stations; however once firmly into the retro period it can be a great time to take a class, do research or just take a nice vacation.

    March 6, 2019:: Uranus ruler of progressive creativity and disruptive change enters the sign of Taurus for the long haul. Uranus in this sign favors determination and headstrong behavior, however can foster talent in getting out of pickles with ingenuity. The powers of intuition are enhanced and interest in the occult arts and astrology is aroused. It is not the best location for marriage, as it tends to attract jealous partners and parents. Financial affairs will have ups and downs; it may be useful to make money at more than one enterprise and/or don't always count on regular income from just one source. Gain can come through partnership, marriage, associations, inventions and innovative entrepreneurship. Expect fashion and interior design to take a whole new and rather quarky direction, as if we already haven't had enough of that.

    March 20-21, 2019:: The Spring Equinox occurs at 9:58:19 pm UT in Greenwich, wherein the Sun reaches 0° of Aries. The equinox chart is the one most used for marking trends for the coming year. In a chart erected for Greenwich, which is the Prime Meridian for the globe, the eye is drawn immediately to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node of the Moon all within a few degrees of one another in Capricorn. The group abides in the chart third house, which rules service jobs, communication, commerce and marketing. The third is also the mundane mind of the collective and this planetary grouping represents a vibration that is conservative, reactionary and full of fear (Saturn, riveted by the past (South Node) and bowed under by pressures for transformation and perhaps hoping a strong leader will fix the problems (Pluto). The group is in square to Eris in Aries, which is disruptive and not interested serving the current status quo. The group is in trine with Mars in Taurus in the chart seventh house, which makes it interested in forming lucrative business partnerships with less governmental oversight or running little wars if lucrative for certain business interests.

    Mercury in Pisces is retrograde and moving to join Neptune also in Pisces, both situated in the chart fourth house of home base, the grass roots and real estate. This signature does not bode well for clear thinking or clear understanding by the populace at large, of what is going on in the halls of power or at home; it also seems to indicate a preoccupation with escape through drugs, alcohol, gaming or TV bingeing as Pisces rules the fifth house of pleasure and speculation. At least we have Jupiter strong in Sagittarius in the chart second house of the people's money and value, along with planetoid Ceres; perhaps people will have plenty of incentive to seek out innovative sources of income and/or take the search for meaningful spirituality seriously.

    Jupiter is in sextile to Venus in Aquarius close to the IC of the chart; it would seem the spirit of exploration and experimentation is alive and well for some; however a liberal Venus (Aquarius) in square to a conservative Mars (Taurus) does indicate an ongoing conflict in trying to firmly establish true parity for women in general. The Sun, which represents a focus of purpose is always at 0° Aries for the Spring Equinox, however this year it is in applying conjunction to Chiron the wounded healer, also freshly arrived in Aries. The Sun rules Leo and this sign rules the Midheaven of the equinox chart; it would seem to indicate leaders prone to reckless speculation and plagued by issues with bad timing and misguided allocation of resource, if not pointing to a collective tendency to want to have its cake and eat it too.

    March 31, 2019:: Mars moves into Gemini, where the energy to take action moves into a lighter, more restless and shallow mode. Mars in this air sign sharpens insight and perception, supports keen thinking and a desire for learning new things. In romance this Mars can be interested in more than one lover, or straying from the customary faithfulness of the regular partner. Its generally favorable for getting out and doing some spring training or undertaking a new exercise program. Mars in Gemini can be used to expand consciousness and hone the powers of good communication, or it can be disagreeable and forceful in speech, prone to working up trouble with neighbors, relatives and servants through rude thoughtlessness. The mind can become so restless it becomes indecisive and lacking in concentration; the potential increases for injury through impulsive action that harms lungs, hands, arms, shoulders or collar bone.

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