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Pueblo Holistic Fair
CSU at Pueblo, Colorado
Occiato Student Service Bldg.
Saturday November 1: 10 - 6
Sunday November 2: 10 - 5

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Marguerite's 2014 Sun Sign Predictions

  • November 6: Full Moon of climaxes at 14° 25'. "A venerable man seated in an uncertain light; before him are several books and various scientific instruments surround him." A studious and intuitive nature, a mental vision that will see where others are in the darkness; devotion to the meaning of Nature's workings and action from obscure motives. One is self-reliant and inclined to solitariness, and yet always surrounded by friends; one who will be sought after while himself seeks none. A degree of MYSTERY.*

  • November 7: The official cross-quarter day of Samhain, wherein the Sun stands at mid-Scorpio and midway between the place of autumn equinox and winter solstice. The veil between the spirit world and earthly plane parts to reveal the luminous eternal that lives behind all appearences; the soul decends to the underworld to rest and contemplate experiences of the year past, undergo a death to spiritual rebirth into a new cycle of life. Consider turning the TV off and lighting a candle for those who came before; abide awhile with the shades and enjoy some bread and wine with them.

  • November 22:: New Moon of beginnings shines at 00° 07'. "A man lying upon a heap of stones by the roadside." A mind given to projects that are unprofitable and to dreams that lead to no practical result. Associations will be controlled rather by caprice than prudence and so in the end the bed will be a hard one to lie upon. Nevertheless, a freedom of spirit and love of natural simplicity will be a reconciliation to much hardship and privation. At heart, there is contentment. A degree of PRIVATION.*

    *Modified from Sepharial's The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.

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