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2016 Sun Sign Predictions

    Key Transits for the Month of May (UT)

    The Sun travels in Taurus for the first weeks of May, energizing a grand trine in earth that favors enjoyment of creature comforts, getting the garden going and abundance through practical efforts and earth-related resources. Meanwhile Mars and Saturn retrograde in Sagitarrius hang close while in t-square with Jupiter opposed to Neptune. The effect is like petting a cat the wrong way; however much creative thought is stimulated which can lead to a complete breakdown of old, crystalized patterns, in favor of radical new, more positively life-affirming activity. The reprogramming is done through commitment to a regular ritual of activity, done along with conscious affirmations of self-love.

  • May 5, 2016: Mars retrograde at 06°52' in sesquiquadrate to Uranus at 21°52'. So itchy, and so easy to get into a quarrel. Direct the fire into a moving meditation in preparation for the New Moon, but keep the profile low if possible.

  • May 9, 2016:: Jupiter stations direct at 13°15'. A great time to get the new diet or exercise regimen on the road. Reorganization efforts will start to run more smoothly. The station will also free up some of the delays and complications happening in work affairs, but not all of them.

  • May 20, 2016:: The Sun enters Gemini, wherein the emphasis shifts to intellectual curiosity, the gathering of information, meeting new people and/or affairs linked to travel, teaching, learning and hands-on craftsmanship. The Sun will oppose Mars and the Moon two days later at Full Moon, promoting impatience and getting into battles one cannot win through direct rudeness; this signature is also accident-prone so plan accordingly.

  • May 22, 2016:: Mercury stations direct at 14°20'. Finally, people who were hiding or brooding over the state of their wardrobe, eating or exercise habits will start to surface and be more directly forthcoming in communication. With both Mercury and Jupiter direct in earth signs, home improvements, business affairs and physical health should start to click along after some lagging or sagging. Attitude and confidence will likewise bloom in the early summer sunshine, so take heart.

  • May 24-25, 2016:: Venus enters Gemini and moves on to oppose Mars retrograde at 0°51' and sesquiquadrate Pluto retrograde at 17° 09'. The ruler of love, desire, creativity and the feminine spirit will want the freedom to learn new things and gad about with friends; she may be interested in hit-and-run romance, however too impatient to stand still for fights over sex, joint money, power or control.

  • May 27, 2016:: Mars retrogrades back into the last degrees of Scorpio, where the Martian energy doesn't at all play nice. Deeply buried business pertaining to sex, abuse, power-plays or the need for control will come bubbling up for one more review, recant, or resurrection. Or, the lower-minded amongst us will simply indulge heavy-handedly in getting their way, because letting it all go is just too scary or the loss of money or prestige is just not allowed.

    The Lunations of May

  • May 6, 2016: New Moon of Beginnings at 16° 41'. "A man swimming in the river against the current and making no progress." Much toil without fruitfulness, due to misdirection of effort through ignorance of natural laws. Straining after that which Nature has not designed leads to consequent failure in affairs. Unpopularity is caused by moving against the stream; by great exertion one will hurt himself alone. A degree of STRIFE*

    This lunation occurs near Mercury retrograde in Taurus, as part of a grand trine in earth with Jupiter and Pluto retrograde. A good time to undertake a review and consolidation of joint financial affairs. Otherwise, the general spirit is one of seeking comfort, luxury and the usual status quo, because of being caught upon the fence between old, stiff habits and new programming that would alter life or health circumstances.

  • May 21, 2016: A Full Moon of Climaxes at 01°13'. "A man standing with drawn sword." A spirit given to strife and aggression, whether in assaults-at-arms or in polemics. Continual warfare or litigation is possible, with danger of wounding and of being wounded. Wherever one goes, making enemies will be easy thereby putting life in peril. Armed, yet one is unshielded and this is a challenge which even gods will not ignore. A degree of WOUNDING*

    This lunation features the Moon meeting with Mars while both oppose the Sun. It will be very easy to quarrel with someone, commonly over money and the management of resources or assets. Or one partner wants to hold to a conservative, comfortable path while the other is frustrated, stiffled and longs for freedom or the room to innovate. Avoiding conflict may be impossible, but it's not wise to dig in and refuse to find grounds for compromise either. Some situations will grind to a stalemate, for now.

    *Modified from Sepharial's The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.

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